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Useful Maths Advice for Parents

Maths at Home

 The Maths at home resource is designed to provide support for busy parents that wish to help their child with their mathematical development at home. A video has been made for each statement in the Key Stage Two National Curriculum. Each video is a snapshot of how many schools may teach the particular strand, and also provides examples of how parents could support their child at home. Where appropriate, video content is reinforced with a selection of downloadable resources.

Maths at home videos are designed to feel like they are taking place on a table at home, encouraging communication, conversation and lots of fun while working on them.

The video resources are designed to bring Maths to life, highlighting learning opportunities within cookery, play, decorating and gardening. Most importantly, they are designed to ignite conversations between children and parents, and to make Maths a positive and enjoyable experience outside of school.

To access these resources you will need your Child's USO (Universal Sign On) and Password.  If your child hasn't got this information. Please contact us at St Barnabas & St Philip's School and we will be able to let you have this information.


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Maths at Home - support for busy parents

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Maths Raps

You will require your child's USO (Universal Sign On)