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Science at our School

Science Week - June 2017

The Teddy Bear Hospital

In late Spring Term Class One and Two attended an event at the  Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. ‘The Teddy Bear Hospital’ is a project run by Imperial College medical students for local children in order to alleviate any fears children may have about hospitals. This educational experience involved members putting on a range of activities for the children including: healthy eating, parts of the body and their functions, teddy bear surgery, a pop up ambulance and much more!  Class 1 and 2 brought their 'sick' teddy bears and the staff acted as teddy bear doctors. 

Click here to view more information about this visit

Zoolab visit to School

Year 4 and Reception class were thrilled to have a visit from Zoolab in the last week of February. The Zoolab presenter brought in five animals for the children: a Giant African Snail, a Madagascan Cockroach, a Chilean Rose Tarantula, an American Corn Snake and a Leopard Gecko. The children in both classes were fascinated to observe these creatures up close and touch them. They also learnt about their habitats, diet, behaviour and adaptations. Year 4 re-visited what was learnt and completed follow up work in a subsequent science lesson. Click here to view some of the learning the children recorded.


Earlier in the term Year One visited Holland Park to see all the beautiful autumn trees as part of their science work on the seasons. They identified different types of evergreen and deciduous trees and collected many fallen leaves to study back at school. 

Here are some photos of the class amongst the leaves!


Year 4 Science
In recent lessons, Year 4 has written explanations about the five vertebrate animal kingdoms. This was completed in Literacy and linked to our science learning on ‘Living Things’.  Each group in the class wrote on a different animal kingdom. All the pages have now been laminated and put together as a booklet. 

This is interesting and informative booklet is now outside Mr Doyle’s office 

and is available for visitors to read.

Here are some photos of the class with their booklet