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Science at our School





Science - Kew Gardens

Year 5 travelled to Kew Gardens to learn about plant life cycles, in particular ‘pollination’. We got to explore some of the 132 hectares of magnificent plant life, and took part in a workshop that allowed us to observe pollinators at work. We were also able to visit The Hive; a unique, multi-sensory experience designed to highlight the extraordinary life of bees.

Year One - Investigating Trees and Leaves in Holland Park

For science this half term, year 1 children went to Holland Park on a hunt for autumn. They collected leaves and talked about their colour and shape and the types of trees they had come from. In a follow up lesson, they sorted the leaves using a tree identification key. 


Science Week - June 2017

The Teddy Bear Hospital

In late Spring Term Class One and Two attended an event at the  Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. ‘The Teddy Bear Hospital’ is a project run by Imperial College medical students for local children in order to alleviate any fears children may have about hospitals. This educational experience involved members putting on a range of activities for the children including: healthy eating, parts of the body and their functions, teddy bear surgery, a pop up ambulance and much more!  Class 1 and 2 brought their 'sick' teddy bears and the staff acted as teddy bear doctors. 

Click here to view more information about this visit


Zoolab visit to School

Year 4 and Reception class were thrilled to have a visit from Zoolab in the last week of February. The Zoolab presenter brought in five animals for the children: a Giant African Snail, a Madagascan Cockroach, a Chilean Rose Tarantula, an American Corn Snake and a Leopard Gecko. The children in both classes were fascinated to observe these creatures up close and touch them. They also learnt about their habitats, diet, behaviour and adaptations. Year 4 re-visited what was learnt and completed follow up work in a subsequent science lesson. Click here to view some of the learning the children recorded.