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Maths at our School

Maths at St Barnabas and St Philip’s

Mathematics is a core subject within the National Curriculum and a key life skill. It is essential in everything we construct, everything we calculate and almost every problem which we have to solve in our daily lives.  This is reflected in school where the use of mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding is required in all areas of the curriculum. 

Our main aim is that all our pupils will develop a positive attitude to mathematics and learn to use it with confidence, understanding and pleasure.

The attached calculations policy outlines the strategies we use in class to teach the four operations (+ - x and ÷) at different stage throughout the school.

The useful maths advice for parents section on the parents’ page also provides some valuable information about how Maths is taught in school.   





'We all had great time on our Number Day raising money for the NSPCC and having fun with maths.  We raised £319.48. Thank you to everyone for their contribution and support.'