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Learning Centre

The Learning Centre: Questions and Answers - September 2019

When? Every afternoon after school from 3:20/3:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Where? In the Meeting Room at the front of the School 

Who can attend? Any pupil from either KS1 or KS2

Who runs it?

Members of the support staff already employed and working at the school.

What happens? Pupils are provided with a fresh and healthy snack, after that they will be assisted with their reading and home learning (if desired). Thereafter they are kept busy and stimulated with a range of both physical and creative activities.

How much does it cost?

£14.00 per afternoon;                £9.00 for those joining after an after-school club;                                    

£10.00 each for siblings;             £8.00 for pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium grant.

How do I book? First, you need to fill in a once-off registration form. Then, each time you plan to have your child/children use the facility, you fill in a booking form to specify your required dates. You can book ahead for a full week of part thereof. Both these forms are available in Learning Centre and must be returned there once complete.

How do I pay? Payment is preferably by cheque (although cash will be accepted as a last resort) and must accompany a booking form in order for your application to be considered. Mrs Petrovic (Learning Centre Administrator) handles all administration.

How much notice is required if my child hopes to attend? It is still possible to book on the same day as intended use but please do this as early as possible. Booking a few days in advance is preferable.

Can I cancel a place and receive a refund?

No, but you will receive a credit for future use.

What happens if I am late for pick-up?

This can cause great inconvenience to the staff involved and cannot be tolerated. Repeated late collection will jeopardise your child’s opportunity to use the facility again. You may also incur a late charge.

Do I have to collect my child in person? No, but you MUST notify staff as to who will be collecting your child.

If I have already registered for the Learning Centre, do I need to re-register? No, you are busy enough!

We look forward to welcoming lots of new faces this term. Be sure to register and get your booking forms in to secure a place for your child/children.

If you have any further queries, please direct them to Mrs Petrovic (where appropriate) or to Mrs Vagic (Head of School).