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Internet Safety

 Internet Safety Day - 2019

Please click on the links below to view a range of Parent and Carer Internet Safety advice sheets


Parent and Carers - Conversation Starters


Parent and Carers - Fun Things to do(with younger children)


Parent and Carers - Information and Online Resources


Parent and Carers - Internet Safety Plan


Parent and Carers - Quick Activities 



Worried about what games and films to buy your children?

Check out the following site for age and content ratings for games, films, apps, websites, tv and books.


NSPCC: New Underwear Rule Song & Animation (EYFS/KS1)

This new resource from NSPCC has been widely welcomed and praised. The animation and teaching resources provide a safeguarding tool for primary schools and parents. 

Click here to view the most recent Online Safety overview guide for parents and carers - published April 2015

Want to find out how to keep your child safe online at home? Parentzone offers useful advice and guidance.


Helping children and young people stay safe on-line is vital. It is also a constant challenge to keep up with changing technology. This is the focus of the latest leaflet to come from the charity Family Action.

The series of leaflets ‘Ready to Learn Every Day’ offers simple suggestions for parents to tackle issues from preparing for school and wellbeing to, in the latest publication, tackling internet safety.

While increased access to the internet gives many families huge benefits there is also a real danger of children accessing harmful material. The leaflet advises parents to install parental control on PCs, to talk to children about cyber bullying and to discuss the difference between an online contact and a real friend.

You can view these leaflets by downloading them below.

  1. Getting the most out of school
  2. Speaking and Listening
  3. Giving your child a helping hand
  4. Preparing for change at school
  5. Your child’s wellbeing
  6. Independence and Responsibility
  7. Online safety
  8. Supporting Special Educational Needs and Disability
  9. Praise and Reward
  10. Self-worth

Minecraft: a parent’s guide: Tips and advice for keeping children safe

Minecarft is increasingly popular. This advice comes from the O2 & NSPCC Online Safety Helpline. So if you don’t know your creepers from your grief­ers, here is a chance to find out! 



Parents’ E-safety Leaflet from ChildNet

Parent leaflets in 10 different languages